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BRI Test


Kidney stone disease is an illness caused by our affluent life style - with increasingsocio-economic consequences. Currently at least 5 % of the population are affected. In emerging countries an increasing number of stone patients are expected due to increasing prosperity. Incorrect treatment leads to renewed stone formations with a probability of 10 % in the first year, of 40 % after 5 years and of 75 % after 20 years.At present there is no simple, low-cost and precise method to determine the risk of stone formation in the market today. “BRI-on-Chip" is based on the established Bonn-Risk-Index, the first test to determine the risk of urinary stone formation in a simple, quick and convenient device. The feasibility of „BRI-on-Chip” has been demonstrated in

preliminary studies. A comprehensive “BRI-on-Chip” patent application has been registered. With the "BRI-on-chip" in vitro diagnostic device the treatment regimes defined in the guidelines of the European (EAU) and American (AUA) urological societies can be readily applied and the therapy monitored.

The Bonn-Risk-Index (BRI) is designed to determine the crystallisation risk of calcium oxalate which occurs in more than 75% of urinary stones as a main mineral phase.The BRI will be determined by a native urine sample with an induced crystallisation test in which several organic and non-organic urine components will be considered. The physiochemical processes of nucleation, crystal growth and crystal aggregation which belong to the formal genesis of urolithiasis, are being determined by the actual interactions in the electrolyte system.

This methodical approach which imitates the processes of stone formation within the body in a urine sample leads to the BRI being superior compared to the previously performed individual analyses of less selected concentrations of lithogenic and inhibitory substances.

The BRI concept allows in every treatment phase the classification of the patient in a clear risk category. As an integral parameter which considers all the crystallisation events affecting constituents of urine, it is clearly superior to the time- and cost-consuming risk formulas from the concentration values of selected components.

Test your Bonn Risk Index (BRI)

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BRI-on-Chip Concept

This product video shows how

the BRI-on-Chip works