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Parylene coatings are done at our subsidiary TiXX Coatings which is located in the same building at our facility. All Parylene coatings are created using a monomer deposition process in a vacuum chamber on room temperature. The monomer condenses and polymerises on the surface and forms a conformal and uniform coating which follows the surface topology. The Parylene monomer is prepared outside the coating vessel which does not need to be heated and therefore the coating is applied at room temperature.


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Parylene Coating has many advantages:

Resistant to strong acids and alkalis

Withstands humidity and dust

USP Class VI biocompatible

Excellent thermal stability up to 450°C  

Excellent corrosion resistance

Parylene has been approved by the US FDA

Parylene has greater abrasion resistance and dry lubricity than PTFE. It has a low coefficient of static and dynamic friction