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Wear-resistant and antimicrobial coatings for ceramics: LONGLIFE

The aim of the European research project LONGLIFE is to develop new multi-functional zirconia oral and spine implants, with a perfect reliability and a lifetime longer than 60 years. Such an ambitious goal, motivated by the risks and costs associated to revision surgery, is only reachable by new zirconia-based composites and by an enhancement of the surface properties of the implants. Within the project, NTTF Coatings has developed wear-resistant and antimicrobial amorphous carbon coatings.


We have developed a patented process to evenly coat the inner surface of small tubing.

This new technology opens a variety of possibilities for product enhancement such as a

reduction of friction, a hydrophilic inner surface, reduced adhesion of biomolecules and

micro-organisms and a diffusion barrier. Each application requires slight customisation of the coating to meet the specific requirements. The production process can be implemented along established medical guidelines. We have a programme to guide our customers through the different steps to obtain a suitable and stable coating.


Carbon coatings functionalised with DNA: DiaCharge

This national collaborative project aims at the development of a label-free, fast and sensitive handheld diagnostic device to detect the genetic material of mycobacteria, the cause of tuberculosis. Therefore, NTTF Coatings has developed an amorphous carbon coating containing amine groups to covalently bind nucleic acids that react specifically with the genome of mycobacteria.

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Coated (DLC)


High power impulse magnetron sputtering: HiPIMS

NTTF Coatings and ini Coatings develop coating equipment and processes specially designed for the HiPIMS technology. Compared to conventional magnetron sputtering, HiPIMS allows for a higher degree of ionisation and higher energy of film forming particles leading to enhanced coating properties and in many cases shorter deposition times.

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Currently NTTF Coatings is looking for partners to develop a quick test to determine the risk of kidney stone formation. Meanwhile, NTTF offers to test urine samples using the former Urolizer® to adjust the microfluidic method.

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