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Refining, optimizing and functionalizing surfaces using modern thin-film technology.

We offer our customers:

  • Service of a series coating
  • Cooperation in the development of application-optimized coatings
  • Construction of coating systems

Coating process and service


Parylene is a chemically extremely stable polymer. It is very well tolerated by the body and has a range of excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It is used, for example, in the medical device and automotive industries.


We use both magnetron sputtering processes and high-frequency excitation (RF and microwaves) to produce thin coatings with the support of plasmas. In addition to classic hard coatings, we also offer various carbon coatings (DLC) and photocatalytic coatings (TiO2).

Our customers are active in various industrial sectors such as medical technology, mechanical engineering, electronics, automotive, aeronautics and defense technology.




Parylene Types



Parylene Types

CVD Parylene coating systems

We have developed three different sizes of Parylene coating units to cover the various industrial applications. The smaller unit has a cylindrical vacuum chamber with a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 45 cm; see illustration. This is located on a rollable housing measuring 90 x 95 x 70 cm (W x D x H). Inside the housing are the evaporator and reactor modules, as well as the powerful vacuum pump and the rotary drive for holding the coating material. There is a door at the front of the system through which the Parylene raw material (dimer) can be easily inserted for process operation.

Due to the technology of the vacuum system developed at NTTF, the system does not require an additional cooling unit, as is necessary with conventional machines for this coating technology, so that both maintenance costs and energy costs are significantly reduced.

The coating system is operated with a fully automatic PLC control system (Siemens S7). A 12-inch touch panel is used to enter the process parameters and visually display the process sequence. All relevant process data is recorded and displayed during the coating process and stored in a data memory. With the help of an integrated network module, the machine can be connected to a data network and is therefore also accessible for remote maintenance, for example to install a software update or carry out remote diagnostics. The electronic components for controlling the machine and the power electronics are located in a control cabinet at the rear of the appliance.


Opening: at the top

Vacuum chamber:
h: 450mm / Ø: 400mm

Coating speed:
up to 5 µm/h


Opening: At front

Vacuum chamber:
h: 600mm / w: 520mm / d: 480mm

Coating speed: up to 5 µm/h


Opening: At front

Vacuum chamber:
h: 750mm / w: 700mm / d: 630mm

Beschichtungsgeschwindigkeit: Bis zu 5 µm/h

* All systems can be customized and tailored to specific applications.




Datasheet Parylene Machines



Datasheet Parylene Machines

Who is NTTF Coatings?

NTTF Coatings GmbH is a company that specializes in the production of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) coatings or a combination of both processes. The focus is on providing high-quality coating solutions for the medical and industrial sectors. The company offers various coating services to improve medical implants, tools and components. Through the use of coating technologies, NTTF Coatings' products help to improve the durability, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the treated materials, for example.
A particular focus of NTTF Coatings is the construction of coating systems. These systems are adapted to specific customer requirements as needed and enable precise and efficient coating of parts and products.

ISO 13485 - Medical devices
We work in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard and check the current regulatory requirements at every stage of the development of medical devices.

CE marking
For system developments (also on behalf of customers), we prepare all the documents required for CE certification.

Intellectual property
New innovations are constantly being developed through various development projects and protected by patents and utility models.


If you are looking for a competent partner who can turn your ideas into innovative development concepts and realize them efficiently in all phases of modern project management through to series production, then you are in good hands with NTTF Coatings.

Our team consists of highly qualified scientists and engineers with a high level of experience who are able to develop scientific findings from research into practical products.

Dr. Heinz Busch (CEO)
Dr. Udo Grabowy (CEO)

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