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Refining, optimizing and functionalizing surfaces.
We are a service company for coatings with plasma processes as well as with the polymer Parylene. We carry out series coatings for our customers in the medical technology and automotive sectors, among others. Based on decades of experience and a wide range of technical possibilities, we are also a partner for new developments or adaptations of surfaces to special conditions, taking into account current regulatory requirements.
For 20 years we have also been active in the development and construction of coating equipment for various applications. The know-how gained in this area is incorporated into our fully automated systems, which we offer as products.

Coating process and service


Parylene is a polymer. It is formed by separation of its components from the gas phase directly on the surface of the coating material. Parylene is chemically extremely stable, very well tolerated by the body and has a number of excellent electrical and mechanical properties.


For the production of PVD coatings we use the magnetron sputtering process. Here we offer all common hard coatings. In addition, we can offer solutions for the development and production of special coatings, also in combination with other coating processes.

Plasma PECVD

Using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, we produce DLC coatings and SiO2 coatings with special properties. For example, medical devices made of temperature-sensitive material are coated with amorphous carbon. Even with a layer thickness of only 30-50 nm, a significant improvement in body compatibility is achieved, while the mechanical properties of the implant are fully retained.


In high-power pulse magnetron sputtering, the plasma is turned on in very short pulses, typically 30-100 µs. The “duty-time” is less than 10%, so that a significantly higher plasma density is generated at the same power compared to the DC process.
This creates very effective additional opportunities to influence film growth and create films with improved or new properties.

CVD Parylene Coating Systems

We have developed three different sizes of Parylene coating equipment to cover the different industrial applications. The smaller unit has a cylindrical vacuum chamber with a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 45 cm; see figure. This is located on a rollable housing with the dimensions 90 x 95 x 70 cm (W x D x H). Inside the housing are the evaporator and reactor modules, as well as the powerful vacuum pump and the rotary drive for the coating material pick-up. There is a door at the front of the unit through which the parylene raw material (dimer) can be easily introduced for process operation.

Due to the technology of the vacuum system developed at NTTF, the plant does not require an additional cooling unit, as is necessary with conventional machines for this coating technology, so that both maintenance costs and energy costs are significantly reduced.

The coating plant is operated with a fully automatic PLC control (Siemens S7). A 12-inch touch panel is used to enter the process parameters and to visually display the process sequence. All relevant process data is recorded, displayed and stored in a data memory during the coating process. With the help of an integrated network module, the machine can be connected to a data network and is thus also accessible for remote maintenance, for example, to install a software update or perform remote diagnostics. The electronic components for controlling the machine as well as the power electronics are located in a control cabinet mounted on the rear of the unit.



Data sheet – Parylene coating system



Data sheet – Parylene


  • Opening: top
  • Vacuum chamber:
    h: 450mm / Ø: 400mm
  • Coating speed:
    up to 5 µm/h


  • Opening: Front
  • Vacuum chamber:
    h: 600mm / w: 520mm / d: 480mm
  • Coating speed: up to 5 µm/h


  • Opening: Front
  • Vacuum chamber:
    h: 750mm / w: 700mm / d: 630mm
  • Coating speed: up to 5 µm/h

* All equipment can be customized and designed for specific applications.

Who is NTTF Coatings?

NTTF Coatings GmbH is a company specializing in the production and application of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) coatings. The focus is on providing high-quality coating solutions for the medical and industrial sectors. The company offers various coating services to enhance medical implants, tools and components. Through the use of coating technologies, NTTF Coatings’ products help to improve, for example, the durability, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of treated materials.

NTTF Coatings GmbH also specializes in the construction of customized coating lines. NTTF Coatings GmbH also specializes in the construction of customized coating lines. A special focus of NTTF Coatings is the construction of equipment for parylene coating. Parylene is a particularly high-quality and versatile coating that is increasingly in demand in both medical technology and industry due to its unique properties. Parylene offers excellent chemical resistance, good adhesion to various substrates, high electrical insulation capability and is an excellent diffusion barrier. The parylene coating system developed by NTTF enables fully automatic operation, with all process-relevant parameters being continuously recorded and documented. Unlike other machines on the market, the systems do not require the use of refrigerants, so production requires a significantly reduced amount of energy.

NTTF Coatings is certified according to the ISO 13485 standard for medical devices.


Quality Management

ISO 13485 – Medical Devices
We work according to the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard. In the development of medical devices, we check the current regulatory requirements at every stage.

CE marking
For plant developments (also on customer order) we prepare all documents required for CE certification.

Intellectual property
Through various development projects, new innovations are continuously developed and protected by patents and utility models.


If you are looking for a competent partner who can turn your ideas into innovative development concepts and efficiently implement them in all phases of modern project management through to series production, then you are in good hands with NTTF Coatings.

Our team consists of highly qualified scientists and engineers who, with a high degree of experience, are able to develop scientific findings from research into products suitable for practical use.

Dr. Heinz Busch (CEO)
Dr. Udo Grabowy (CEO)

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